The Tin Ring


The period of time into which I was born and which I grew up was a rare combination of peace, education and culture for which I am grateful – in spite of what followed. My book describes my life lived under a variety of different conditions and circumstances.

I was born in 1922. I had a happy family life with my mother, father, brother and sister. Life in the new Czechoslovak state with President Masaryk at the helm was idyllic. Even Plato said: “If a country should function and prosper, its king should be a philosopher. And a philosopher should be the king.” And we had just that. People were great patriots, happy at work, life was a joy. For us children it meant school, learning languages and musical instruments. For me it was the piano and I practised daily. There was also a lot of sport. In the summer holidays in the countryside with the rivers or lakes to swim in, playing tennis as well as walking trips to various castles which were left by their previous owners – mostly aristocrats. In winter it was skiing in the mountains as well as ice-skating on the local pond. After Christmas plans were made for the following year and sometimes even for the rest of our lives. But it was not to be. There always seem to be big political moves and happenings in which we play no part and yet when they do happen, they engulf us completely, they turn our life upside down and change it forever. And that was what happened.

'They engulf us completely, they turn our lives upside down and change it forever. And that was what happened.'

To Life 2

"What you learn when young - comes in handy when you're old"

Father's Wisdoms

Photo of Father

My Father in Luhacovice, 1937