The Tin Ring


A company my husband worked for had offices in Germany and London. In 1969 he was offered a transfer to the London office, initially for two years. We accepted the offer as a short break. Especially me. To see Europe again, green meadows with colourful flowers, forests with real fir trees, flowing rivers from the mountains behind and the old sky with the Moon surrounded by the familiar stars! I could hardly wait. We arrived in London in Christmas 1969 and settled down. I fell in love with London. Every day I took walks through various parts of the town, particularly the older ones and got familiar with its history. In the meantime my daughter went to university in Britain. Two years were to pass very quickly but while in London my husband’s job in Melbourne was given to another person and his stay in London was extended. The original two years grew to four and seven and ten and eventually we stayed in Britain, back in familiar Europe after twenty years in Australia. After many years I made a trip to my hometown in a no longer communist Czech Republic to be confronted with my past – after fifty years. It felt as though I returned from an after-life. When I got back to London from this trip I decided to write my experience down and so my book “The Tin Ring” was born.

In 2009 I met Jane Arnfield and Jane asked if I would allow her to adapt my book and memoir for the stage, we have not looked back since! Jane and director Mike Alfreds have always involved me in the process of constructing the play. I attended the opening night at the Lowry Theatre in Salford, and watched the performance at Speakers House Westminster and at the Czech Embassy in London. I am always visibly moved to see my life portrayed on stage. I am determined that my story will continue to be told and the lessons from that time are not lost. I am particularly interested in young people bearing witness to my life. I am very excited to see the development of the Suitcase of Survival learning programme incorporating my survival philosophy of Last Aid and my Father, Arnošt Fantl’s Wisdoms. I am now 91 years old and feel as though I have lived 250 years through five different lives in different countries, with different people under different conditions – and in the end made a full life circle. Life is wonderful with all its changes and I am grateful for every single day I live through.

'I am very excited to see the development of the Suitcase of Survival learning programme'

"If an elephant can walk on bottles in the circus there is nothing you cannot master"

Father's Wisdoms

The Tin Ring

The Tin Ring 13 June 2013