The Tin Ring

Suitcase of Survival

Alongside the theatre production a multimodal education programme is being developed called Suitcase of Survival (SOS) with arts partner The Forge and Northumbria University. Suitcase of Survival is a constantly evolving creative learning programme including best practice models of community engagement, workshops for and with people aged from 10 to 100. The Tin Ring has demonstrated through the power of its theatrical language and its physical flexibility that it can be presented in a range of venues, forums and contexts. In addition to its educational links to arts and humanities, it resonates with important agendas regarding human rights, human resilience and well being, migration, refugee and asylum, historical reflection and peace building.

To date the SOS programme has included participatory arts programmes with young people, panel-led discussions, and film screening and public engagement events. The performance has been invited to the University of Lodz in Poland as part of a conference presented by the European Sociological Biographical Association; to Kristiansand Arkivet centre for Peace Building and Reconciliation in Norway as part of an inter-disciplinary conference on the narratives of traumatic events and to the University of Kingston as part of a conference featuring genres of testimony and human rights. Jane Arnfield has performed The Tin Ring with accompanying lecture presentations regarding the practice of biographical theatre at The Tisch School of Arts New York University (NYU) & NYU Abu Dhabi, University of Kent and the Performance Studies International Annual conference in Utrecht.