The Tin Ring


The Tin Ring
by Zdenka Fantlová,

Adpated by Mike Alfreds & Jane Arnfield,
Produced by Mandy Stewart & Human Remain

The Tin Ring is a dramatisation of Holocaust survival based on a written autobiographical account by Zdenka Fantlová originated and adapted for performance by Arnfield and international theatre director Mike Alfreds in 2011. Funded by Arts Council England it was premiered at The Lowry Salford and has performed nationally and internationally since 2011 in both the research phase of a thirty minute performance to the full phase of sixty eight minutes from Speakers House Westminster to Summerhall Edinburgh Fringe August 2013 selected as part of the British Council International Showcase. Performances delivered to date are approaching one hundred and growing. The underlying research is concerned with witness testimonies as an interpretive tool, and developed within a performance context in order to reflect upon the life experience of victims and perpetrators of crisis. The Tin Ring developed from a reflective process which sought to better understand the process and efficacy of verbatim testimony as an efficacious route towards improved understanding of the causes and consequences of genocide and mass violence. The methods undertaken to mediate this testimonial of survival included identifying its distinctiveness through text excavation and transposing these testimonials into a live theatrical setting, reshaping the original encounter through different phases; detailing how first-hand testimony can be transferred from the host (Fantlova) to the first surrogate (the performer Arnfield) and transmitted onto the group surrogate (the audience).